Emblim Vespa

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

  1. niwa says:

    emblem lambrettany bpr mas bro?? email y..

    Mas cek Email ya…tks.

  2. vertoo says:

    emblem “sprint veloce”-nya brp mas?
    email ya harganya..


    Cek PM gan

  3. vierrie says:

    gan emblim vespa sm vespa s brp tuch gan…?

    mas cek email ya…

  4. Ahmad says:

    vespa 150 ada kang?

    emblim vespa 150 repro ada kang…sms aja ke 081322522717 ya

  5. etoeto says:

    emblem “sprint & vespa”-nya brp /net mas?

  6. mertis says:

    bro vespa exclusive ada emblm ga???????

  7. bataskhayal says:

    Bro, emblem VESPA kena berapa..? thx

  8. Wicak says:

    emblem vespa nya berqapa gan…

  9. zy says:

    gan ada emblem vespa 125 gag???thx

  10. tobienk says:

    brader mo tnya emblem sprint velocenya brp + onkir ga

  11. randy says:

    brapa emblim nya kang? tx

  12. alextartle says:

    brapaan ni bang. + ongkir JKT yg Vespa S. sama Vespa

  13. tobienk_68 sprint says:

    Om mo tny emblem vespa sprint n sprint veloce nya nettnya brokap om…….

  14. Boni says:

    bang itu emblem sprint veloce berapaan bang? emailin yah 😀

  15. Tobeink says:

    Please sms to 021: 927-536-01 harga emblem sprint veloce n vespa sprintnya + Onkir JkT

  16. mas emblem utk vespa s sama vespa sprint kena berapa?

  17. arvel says:

    mas saya pesen satu emlim vespa veloce

  18. marwan says:

    bos emblem sprint veloce msh ada? brp bos?

  19. Argus says:

    Mas harga emblem belakang Vespa Sprint (miring) piro? Original ya Mas?

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